You can't improve what you can't measure.

Do you currently have a well-integrated approach to recruiting, development, performance management, compensation, development planning, and learning?  How does your organization measure and co-relate these activities to actual business results?

Organizational speed, agility and responsiveness to changing business conditions all depend on best practice performance in your talent management system.

Censibus Strategies helps companies incorporate the best practices of valid data-driven, workplace assessments into their current workforce and talent management processes. 

According to the Aberdeen Group's research report entitled 2011 Assessments: Selecting and Developing Talent For The Future, companies that incorporate best practice use of assessments in all stages of their talent management life cycle have achieved:

  • 73% of employees receiving rating of "exceed" on their last performance review;
  • 69% of key positions have one ready and able successor identified;
  • 19% year-over-year improvement in hiring manager satisfaction

To achieve best practice levels of performance, Aberdeen’s research shows that organizations need to:

  • Pick the appropriate assessment type for the role and decision point;
  • Use assessment data to help  identify talent gaps and available talent resources to support long term workforce and business planning;
  • Assess not only for current skills, but also for  future leadership and developmental opportunities


With over 10 years of concentrated application of behavioral assessment to improved talent management processes and decision making, let us demonstrate how validated human analytic data can improve your bottom line by supporting better execution of your business strategy.



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