Measure The Person

The McQuaig Word Survey® is used for assessing candidates. This quick and efficient online survey helps you evaluate the behaviours a candidate will bring to the job. It also measures an individual's underlying temperament and behaviour patterns - as well as his/her morale and ability to adjust on the job.

How does it work?

You can use The Word Survey to:
•Learn as much as you can about an individual’s work habits before you make a job offer.
•Understand the temperament and behaviour patterns that candidates will bring to the job – for instance their level of urgency, people focus, sales orientation or independence.
•Get a list of targeted interview questions based on the candidate's own profile.

How do I get the results?
•McQuaig On-Line®, the secure web-based application system, gives you an extensive behavioural assessment including strategies for motivating the individual, as well as his/her preferred learning style and team approach.

Who completes the Word Survey?
•The candidate for a position fills out the survey online (or on paper). Usually, this takes 12 to 18 minutes to complete.

The McQuaig Word Survey will give you critical insight into the candidate’s:
•Attitudes and beliefs
•Self motivation
•Stability and persistence
•Maturity and judgment
•Aptitudes and capacity to learn
•Temperament and behaviour patterns

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