The McQuaig System

Worldwide, companies of all sizes have embraced McQuaig's three-step process, The McQuaig System™, to assess and evaluate job related behavioural characteristics.
The McQuaig System™ is an acquired internal capability that allows organizations to:
1.  Benchmark and define the behavioural demands of the job using validated job profiling tools.
2.  Assess the candidate using the Word Survey™ assessment.
3.  Retain and develop the key talent using the behavioural based Self Development Survey™ (SDS) to determine and prioritize coaching and development needs.
Censibus Strategies will work with you to ensure The McQuaig System delivers reduced turnover and increased productivity through more efficient teams and more engaged employees.
Employment testing can be a strong predictor of future performance when matching a candidate to a valid job profile. McQuaig will provide you with a well-defined process that delivers the most value to your company. Since its commercialization in 1967, the Canadian-based, globally used, McQuaig System is structured for best practice implementation with improved selection and development of your people.

The McQuaig Institute offers online assessment surveys that are:

The McQuaig System is flexible enough to be used at multiple levels in your organization, from executive level to entry level, from HR Professionals to Management teams. Results are customized,  targeted, pointed and concise. They provide detailed job and candidate behavioural characteristics.
Valid, Reliable and Fair
The McQuaig System has proven itself in a wide range of organizational settings for more than 40 years. You have full access to extensive, well-documented studies that support the validity, reliability and fairness of our tools.

The McQuaig System gives you a comprehensive suite of job profiling, pre- and post-employment assessments that provide accurate information to help you define, select, coach, retain, and build  effective teams.
McQuaig On-Line allows you to unite job profiling opinions, assess people from anywhere at any time and instantly provide you with reports to help make those critical people decisions.

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