Internal Assessment Capability Development

There are two basic ways that your organization can use the power of work-related behavioral assessments: ad-hoc assessments provided by an independent third party on specific roles and individuals, or in-house assessment capabilities where managers and human resources professionals administer the assessments directly. 

Questions for your company's consideration should include:

What is our year-over-year track record of individual employee performance appraisal ratings?

What is our "time-to-market" of new hires before the hiring investment yields net profit?

What is our success rate for promotions of individual contributors to first time managers?

What are the direct and indirect costs for hiring promotion mistakes?

What kind of behaviors do we need from our key individual contributor roles?

What kind of people do we need for our managerial and leadership roles to successfully deliver on our current business plan?

What kind of managers and leaders will we need for our changing operating plans?  Do we have them now? If so, what is their capacity for change?  If not, and we have to go outside the organization for external talent, what is the probability that they will succeed in our transitioning cultural environment?

If the above questions, which impact all levels of the organization from Boards of Directors to entry level hires, are relevant and ongoing, your leadership team would benefit from an Executive Overview on the risk-reward of establishing internal assessment capabilities to consistently improve business results on an ongoing basis.

As a Consulting Partner of the McQuaig Institute, Censibus Strategies is an authorized reseller of both pay-per-use McQuaig Word Surveys, Job Surveys and Self-Development Surveys, as well as unlimited use annual subscription memberships.

Knowledge transfer of best practices in assessment strategy are achieved through the McQuaig Certification Training Modules, as well as the ongoing consulting relationship with Censibus. 

Project-Based Assessment Services
Certain kinds of organizations (e.g. Boards of Directors; Start-ups, etc.) may not have an obvious need for ongoing, internal assessment capability, but nonetheless have a strategic business need for "getting the right fit" decision measured and validated for success.

Censibus Strategies has worked with many organizations to deliver one off assessment projects using valid, data driven insights to support considerations around restructuring, executive selection and development, team dynamics and succession planning.

Executive and Management Learning and Development
Whether your focus is "First 100 Days" onboarding performance, ongoing performance improvement of your new team, or personal development for future career opportunities, Censibus Strategies offers a combination of behavior-based development planning, training programs, and individual coaching that leverage the candidate's built-in tendencies and motivating drives. 

Aligning and tailoring these efforts, along with targeted on the job work related assignments, to the individual's natural strengths always yields the best results faster than average results without behavioral insights from the person and your organization.


Team Dynamics Group Facilitation 

Productivity happens when teams have people with the right mix of skills and behaviors, and work effectively to reach a common set of goals.  For better or worse, individual behaviors impact individual job performance, the success of the team, key relationships, and the rest of the organization as a whole. 

As a team leader, the ingrained temprement and particular behavioral drivers of your people are pre-disposed to react favorably, or not, to your natural leadership style. What realistic behavioral adjustments are necessary adjustments for cohesion and superior team performance? Specificallly, who needs to adapt their behavioral style and by when?

Censibus can help you address these questions through a one-on-one team diagnostic with the team leader, followed by a half-day workshop with the team to constructively share, validate and identify practical strategies going forward.  
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